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Production options

A brief summary of the production options offered by BISO-Keibel s.r.o.; please contact us for more information.

Laser cutting of metal sheets

firing of metal sheets on three Trumph 2D laser cutting machines from 3.2kW to 6W up to format size 2,000x4,000mm and maximum thickness – structural steel 25mm, stainless metal sheet 20mm, Al metal sheet 10mm

Spare production capacities

Cutting of profiles and tubes

firing of profiles and tubes on Trumpf - Rotolas laser up to maximum diameter from 15 to 370mm

Cutting out

processing of metal sheets by cutting out on Trumpf laser up to format size 1,500x3,000mm and maximum thickness 6mm

Separation of materials by saws

separation of materials up to profile dimension 360x420mm

Cutting of metal sheets on a firing machine

firing of metal sheets up to maximum dimension 1,500x3,000mm and maximum thickness 100mm


edging on six Trumpf, Weinbrenner, and Placke press brakes by 80–540t force up to 4,600mm

Bending of tubes


CNC lathes

  • SP 280 SY and SP 430 SY
  • maximum bar diameter 90mm, maximum working piece length 990mm

Conventional lathes

CNC horizontal drills

  • Fermat WFT 13 CNC – range of axes X 3,500 – Y 2,000 – Z 1,500, clamping plate dimensions 1,800x2,200 mm

  • Fermat WFC 10 CNC – range of axes X 2,000 – Y 2,000 – Z 1,250, clamping plate dimensions 1,250x1,800 mm


Continuous steel granulate blasting, maximum pass size 450x1,000mm


  • welding under protective atmosphere - MIG, MAG, TIG, robotic welding - Cloos portal welding robot with path length 2x4m
  • point welding
  • flame welding


  • Static and dynamic balancing on two Schenck machines
  • maximum diameter of component being balanced 1,300x4,200

Wet painting

  • Wet and powder painting with phosphate pre-treatment – line (maximum size of painted component 3,500x2,000x2,200mm, maximum weight 600kg)

  • Wet painting - BOX (maximum size of painted component 8,000x4,500x4,000mm)

Powder painting

  • Combined painting line with phosphate pre-treatment
  • Maximum size of painted component 3,500x2,000x2,200mm, maximum weight 600kg)


Final assembly of components or complete sets according to customer’s documentation

Inspection, measurement

Professional 3D measurement Romer Absolute Arm 7530